showbox Pro
showbox Pro

Showbox Pro is an amazing app for streaming tons of movies, Television shows and TV series online. That too for free of cost. As many of you still watch movies and TV shows on TV, it might always not be possible to watch them. On the scheduled allocated time actually, since most of you have work to do. So, the showbox pro app comes to your help. And to your surprise, it comes with many amazing features to make your experience better.

In this article, we will share with you about the Showbox pro app and its features.

showbox Pro
showbox Pro


So what exactly does the Showbox Pro app do?


You might be familiar with the popular Showbox app. It’s a very popular streaming app in most of the Operating systems including Android and iOS. Most of the smartphone users use it for streaming content. Movies, Television shows, TV series, documentaries, trailers, news, music videos can be directly streamed over the showbox app.

That too right into your smartphone for free of cost. But since the app is free of cost and content is free too, it comes with onscreen advertisements. Most of the users find it irritating. As ads can be really annoying disturbing them in between the running content.

So the Showbox Pro app is here for you. It is the same as the showbox app. But it is the latest version of the original app and comes without the annoying ads. You can download it for free and keep enjoying watching content on it.

The Showbox pro app lets you stream over almost unlimited amounts of content. That too in High Definition HD 720p resolution. You can stream any movie, TV shows, music videos. And not only that, you can also stream a wide range of TV series, Web series, latest trailers, documentaries too. Also, you can even download your favourite music videos too right from the app. Without any further hassle of going into the browser.


The Pro version has many improvements over the original app. One of them is that it doesn’t come with any ads show up. As most of the users find it annoying with ads popping up when they are watching content. This leads to a very irritating experience.

As to this, a number of users have a complaint against the popping up ads, during streaming. Since it becomes frustrating to interrupt a movie and to watch the ad and then get back to the movie. This destroys the enjoyment and experience of watching.

The ShowBox pro app removes the annoying ads and provides a better watching experience. Users can now enjoy seamless content streaming and watching without any disturbance. This includes all kinds of movies, TV shows, series, music videos and even trailers online. Everything for free.





Features of the Showbox Pro App


The Showbox pro app is an improved version of the original Showbox App. The Improvement in it is that the pro version comes with no ads. No more of annoying pop-up ads during content watching.

This improvement was much much needed by the users. Since the showbox app was a very good free streaming app that was downloaded by lots of users. But due to the problem created by ads, its goodwill became low. SO the pro version was launched.

The Showbox Pro app has some amazing features that most apps don’t have. Due to this, its one of the most downloaded content streaming app over the majority of the Operating systems.

One of the best features of the Showbox pro app is that it allows you to watch any content for free. Most of the users have TVs but they are not able to manage time for watching their favourite shows. And sadly, they get to miss those.

Although you can watch most of these TV shows on your PC, they come with a price to pay. And also sometimes you also have to download.  Even downloading them requires huge prices and several permissions. But not with the Showbox Pro app.

As said, the main feature of the showbox pro app is that you can watch most anything on it. That too for free. No prices included.

Movies, TV shows, TV series, web series, Documentaries, Music videos, all you can watch on the showbox app. So, now if you have the app in your PC or smartphone, you don’t have to miss your favourite shows again. Watch them anytime you want. Anywhere you want.

Also, you are not just limited to watching content on the showbox pro app. You might be thinking that on PCs or smartphone you could have downloaded the movies or shows. And then you can watch them later. This feature might not be available in the showbox pro app.

Well, to your surprise, it is available. Yes, you can download your favourite TV shows, TV series, movies, documentaries. And save them to your smartphone or PC. So that you can watch them later when you are free.

The showbox Pro app allows you to stream content in High Definition too. Else for downloading content from sites that include payment too,  you might be able to download High-quality videos. Well, the showbox pro app also supports streaming in High Definition 720p on your smartphone and PC too.

The Showbox Pro app also supports a wide range of content. From national to International TV shows, movies, TV series, showbox pro has most of the content that you will want to watch. Most of the online streaming services and apps support content only to their region. It means you get only those content that is region specific.

But with the Showbox app, you can watch anything. It also allows you to specifically filter out movies, TV series, Web series, trailers, music videos. That too right into the app itself.

This feature highly improves the User experience when browsing content overall. Plus it allows all users to watch different content since different users have different taste in movies and all. Thus the showbox pro app provides Highly productive entertainment for a wide variety of users.

Plus, the Showbox pro app supports high-speed streaming if higher internet speeds are available too. As to that, there are no speed limitations for the app during online streaming.


Key features of the ShowBox Pro app ;


  1. Highly intuitive and Light User Interface app
  2. Supports high-grade content streaming
  3. A wide variety of categories of movies, TV series, web series, and documentaries.
  4. Supports High Definition HD 720p streaming.
  5. Supported overall android devices running IceCreamSandwich or above.
  6. Supports unlimited streaming.
  7. Also provides watching newer content like Trailers.
  8. Separate Mods available too.
  9. Small 40MB sized app for quick download.
  10. Easy installation methods.
  11. Also available over lots of other operating systems like Mac, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry OS.
  12. Supports Lag free streaming over High data speed.


The highly useful features of the ShowBox pro app makes it one of the best content streaming apps out there. Plus it is available over a wide range of Operating systems. Thus providing flexibility for multi system users who would like to watch their content over a variety of system. And the same exact features are available to all the different versions in the different OS.


Download the Showbox Pro app


The Showbox Pro app is available for download over most of the operating systems. It is one of the best online content streaming app available presently. The overall productivity and simple performance of the app have made the developers to provide it on most of the major operating systems. These include Windows, Apple’s PC system or MacOS (even OS X), Android, iOS, Even BlackBerry system.

To download the app you have to go to the official website of the showbox pro app. This is for PC users as the PC version is actually available through a website download.

Mac users also have to go to the official showbox pro app website to download the Mac version.

Also to make it easy for you, you can search the right type of this app for a specific Operating system. Since a specific version of the app made for a system will not run on another.

So when you want to download the showbox Pro app for a specific operating system, mention the system you are using. Like, you can type in the search box, “Showbox Pro app for windows” or “Showbox pro app for Mac”. This will help you to get to the right format of the app easily.

As for mobile or smartphone users, you can find the app in the store itself for download. Dedicated App store for Android, iOS, Blackberry OS will have the app in it.

After you have found the app, you can download and install it on your device.

Enjoy watching over thousands of free movies, TV shows, series, music videos and a lot more on the ShowBox pro app.